Inspired by Georgian architecture, square corners maximise the floor space in your additional room

A Gable conservatory uses a stylish high-pitched front elevation culminating in an attractive and distinctive triangular gable-style shape.

The design - dating back to the Georgian era - dictates a square or rectangular floor plan with square corners maximising floor space.

Instead of the front of the roof sloping backwards as with most conservatory designs, the gable end stands upright, adding height to the roof and creating a dramatic visual impression.

Gable conservatories are a popular choice in homes where space is at a premium and can be used as a dining room, playroom, garden room or additional general living space.

The gable style is available to suit a range of budgets. Extra brickwork is a popular option, with perhaps a three-quarter or full height wall on one side to blend the conservatory in with your home.

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