Transform your kitchen adding light and space

Kitchen Conservatories

It’s the most popular room in many homes, so why not extend your kitchen with a kitchen conservatory, adding light, sunshine and space?

We specialise in designing and building conservatories that are placed directly off your kitchen and which complement the room and fittings.

Whether your new conservatory becomes the kitchen or simply an extension to it, our team will help you consider all the options and the practical necessities.

It is important to plan the layout in detail, considering water, gas and electric services and producing a design which makes best use of the space.

A hob and sink facing out into the garden is the layout which most customers prefer and where possible we ensure this can be achieved. Under-floor heating can dispense with the need for a radiator, creating more space, and we always allow for side and roof ventilation to cope with heat from cooking.

Your conservatory designer will discuss all the options with you before producing plans for your perfect kitchen conservatory.

To find out more about designing a kitchen conservatory for your home call now and speak to a member of our team.